Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the exact address?

Where can I see a presentation of each unit?

Do you charge per person?

Can I change number of people after booking?

Linen/towel/cleaning fees?

How long time is the rate quote valid?

Reservation procedure?

Cancellation Policy?

Why is the rate on the website different from what we are offering?

Why do we charge 3% on their card?

How do we know this is legit?

Can we visit and get a tour of unit prior to arrival?

Check-In & Check-Out time?

How do we get access or keys to unit?

Are toiletries and toilet paper provided?

Is it ok for friends to stop by during my stay?

Can I have parties or small event inside unit?

What is the view from the unit?

Is there a separate entrance for each villa Suite?

Pool access and pool heat?

Does each bathroom have a shower?

Is parking included and if so how many cars can we bring?

Is smoking allowed inside the property?

Do we give military discount?

Do we offer discounts for children?

Do we charge for babies/toddlers?

Can we provide crib for babies?

Distance to Airport?

Distance to Beach/Ocean?

Is a Golf- & Club Membership included in the rental?

Do we have access to the tennis courts inside Saddlebrook?

Are Pets allowed?